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Advantages of a SEA-TECH Education:
Southeast Area Tech is designed to provide students a unique learning experience you will not find in the traditional high school or early college setting. Benefits from a blended learning curriculum will offer flexible scheduling and real world, relevant meaningful instruction. 

Students will have an opportunity to take a survey course in the 9th grade that will allow a student to explore up to three different career technical areas. In the Career Management, Research and Evaluation course, student locate, secure and/or explore career options through authentic research, evaluation and experiences. Emphasis is placed on self-assessment of characteristics, career interests, and values; educational research and career exploration; evaluation of career information and creation of a Individualized Career Action Plan (ICAP). Based on the National Career Development Guidelines, skills learned in this course include, but are not limited to communications, interpersonal skills, problem solving, personal management and teamwork. English language arts are reinforced. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include business/industry field trips, job shadowing, project based learning and course surveying at Cape Fear Community College. Students will also learn about Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), competitive events, community service projects, and leadership activities. This course provides the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills.

Blended courses use strategies to merge two different course content areas into the same time frame by providing Project Based Learning, online and face to face methods of instruction. Students are delivered instruction through team teaching. Courses currently being reviewed for blended learning include: English I and Microsoft Word, Civics and Personal Finance and Grade Level Seminar courses with STAE curriculum and English III with American History I. In addition to blending, all subject areas will pair course material with instruction so that cross curricular learning can provide relevant experiences for students. English and Business, Math and Science and Social Studies standards integration will be evident in projects and class activities.
The school has designed it's technical course program offerings around the industry and employment needs of the greater Wilmington Metro and Cape Fear region. Through participation with Career and College Promise, students will earn dual credits towards both the community college diploma, certificate or degree and a high school diploma. There are seven Career & Technical Education program areas and over 60 career certificate pathways students may access at Cape Fear Community College. Additionally and essential in the design of the curriculum, would be integrated community-based instruction that would include opportunities for Work-Based Learning, job shadowing, mentor-ship, and project based learning that would be applicable to business and industry real-world problems along with internships and apprenticeships. The curriculum would also allow for enhanced and embedded leadership development opportunities through Career Technical Student Organizations’ (CTSO's) participation in regional, state and national skill competitions.
The Seven Programs of Study include:
Under each Program of Study, there are several different career focus certificate pathways students can choose from. Students will receive one on one strategic guidance in selecting a career pathway that matches their aptitude as well as their interest. 

Standard/Required High School Academic Courses Offered at SEA-TECH 
(Honors level may be available with some courses pending teacher approval):
*English I
*English II
*English III
*English IV 
*Math I
*Math II
*Math III 
  Math Essentials or 4th level math 
*Earth and Environmental
*Physical Science
*World History
*American History I
*American History II
*Health and PE
*Career Management, Research and Design
*Microsoft Word, PowerPoint
*Microsoft Excel, Access 
*^Personal FinanceI
*CTE Internship
*Project Management  
  Freshmen Seminar/Advisory
  Sophomore Seminar/Advisory
  Junior Seminar/Advisory
  Senior Seminar/Advisory 

*21 Required Credits for Graduation from SEA-TECH plus Completion of a Career Pathway (7+ credits). 
^This meets the 4th math course requirement for students that are entering the Community College track.

Pre College Career Academy Options (2019-2020):
Hospitality & Tourism Academy
~Culinary Arts
~Sports & Recreation Management
Public Safety Academy
~Law & Justice
~Cyber Security
Health Science Academy
~Biomedical Technology 
~Pharmacy Tech
Residential/Commercial Construction Academy 

SAMPLE of Current CFCC Technical Pathways (click link to view courses in pathway):
Automotive Customizing Technology
Automotive Technology
Boat Building
Business Administration
Nurse Aide
Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
Construction Management
Criminal Justice Technology
Culinary Arts
Electrical Systems Technology
Electronics Engineering
Fire Protection Technology
Healthcare Business Informatics
IT Computer Forensics
IT Information Systems Security
IT Information Technology
IT Network Technology
IT Operating Systems Admin.
IT Software Development
IT Virtualization Technology
IT Web Development
Landscape Gardening
Medical Office Administration
Mechanical Engineering Technology